Birthday Treat or Year Round Feat?

Sept ’23 Currituck Beach Lighthouse Blog

For some, the experience of visiting the Currituck Beach Lighthouse (CBLH) built to illuminate the last dark shoreline on the Atlantic comes but once a year, perhaps once a lifetime. For the keepers of the Currituck Lighthouse, it’s the daily routine. Climbing the Lighthouse during the first breath of spring, or to witness the peak leaf of the red maple in fall, and even during the dreary rains of winter, the keepers diligently tend to their duties no matter sleet or storm. This intimate relationship with the lighthouse is something that the keepers of old experienced daily, and still do, as keeper and visitor alike prepare to celebrate the 148th birthday of the Lighthouse this December!

These indelible experiences aren’t just for keepers, but for climbers just like you! John, a year-round local, climbs the Lighthouse every day he can and quickly earned the reputation of a “Daily Climber.” At opening, 9 am sharp, he is oft one of the first people at the top to see the sun low over the Atlantic and the first one trekking down to grab his morning cup of coffee.

Speaking of birthdays, everyone’s favorite Corolla teacher, Seth G., has received a OBC Season Pass as a birthday gift for the last two years. With the big 3-oh just around the corner, he’s hoping for a triple crown. Highlighting his enthusiasm for the gift, Seth shared that he enjoys using the pass frequently for solo trips, “but when I have family and friends in town, I always try to take them to the Lighthouse too.”

“Being able to see firsthand the lay of the land and understand how close the sea is to sound is a powerful experience for people. You can’t explain it, but you can definitely share it with them. The climb helps people become more comfortable with their surroundings and also get a new view of a really special place.”

Seth and his partner Jordan, all smiles, post climb at the Lighthouse.

Seth also shared that the Season Pass is especially helpful for field trips; with admission included for both the Lighthouse and Island Farm (on Roanoke Island), the Pass provides accessible and informative historical experiences up and down the Outer Banks. As his birthday is right around the corner, Seth is rooting for year three of the birthday Season Pass, and we are, too! For more information on how you can become a year-round visitor of OBC’s two historic sites, click HERE for your 2023 Season Pass, good through December, and keep a lookout for the 2024 Pass coming in November. Stay tuned!