Visit With a Banker Pony

Visit Banker Ponies Outer Banks

Island Farm is lucky enough to have two Corolla wild horses living on-site. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 – 11 a.m. to pet a Corolla wild horse up-close, and to learn more about these incredible “banker ponies” and how they fit into early life on the Outer Banks. Rainbow, one of the … Read more

Wash Day

Chores have never been so much fun! Meet us at the farm every Wednesday to witness the 19th-century equivalent of a soak, rinse and spin cycle. Visitors can watch or assist with this day-long laundry process while learning time-tested cleaning tips from a costumed interpreter. This program is included with general admission to Island Farm.

Homeplace Tour

Tour the Etheridge home, one of the oldest restored homes on the island. Your guide will peel back the layers of history and also share more recent knowledge of the restoration efforts to open the farm to the public. How did this family of eight live under one roof and go about their daily lives? … Read more

Homespun Fun

Sheep Wool into Clothing

Learn how early islanders turned sheep’s wool into clothing with this hands-on lesson! Participating farm-goers will card and spin wool into personal bracelet keepsakes while learning about the farm’s sheep and fabric-making tools. Included with the price of admission to Island Farm.

Rag Doll Crafting

Outer Banks Rag Doll Crafting

Get creative with cotton crafting and learn to make your very own, mid-19th century rag doll on the back porch of the historicIsland Farm homeplace. Historic interpreters will guide all ages through historic doll-making; all created dolls are for visitors to keep. This program is included with the price of admission to Island Farm.

Folk Medicine

How did early Outer Bankers on Roanoke Island handle headaches, scrapes, and other ailments without today’s medicines? Learn what herbal remedies were used in the mid-19th century on the island during this program, included with the cost of admission to Island Farm.

Corn Husk Chair Bottom Weaving with David Russell

Corn Husk Chair Bottom weaving with David Russell – During the week of May 24th, traditional craftsman David Russell will demonstrate how to weave seat bottoms using cornhusks on the front porch of the Etheridge homestead. For centuries, country folk created simple chairs with seats woven with corn husks. Today, these charming chairs and people … Read more

Corn Husks in the Courtyard

Dare County Arts Council and Island Farm are teaming up to provide a truly unique courtyard demonstration. On Thursday, May 26th from 11 am – 2 pm, David Russell will be demonstrating how to weave a chair seat bottom using corn husks, an almost lost craft that was practiced in the area for many generations. … Read more

Compost Friday

Farm Steward Gabe Maready will show visitors the ins and outs of composting. Basic information will be covered in addition to information specific to animal and plant compost. The cost of this event is included in the general admission fee, $10 per person over 3 years of age, with ages 3 and under free. This … Read more

Corn Husk Doll Crafting

In the mid-1800s Roanoke Island children still had dolls and toys like we do today – they just looked a little different. Join us at the Farm, on the back porch of the historic homeplace, and our interpreters will teach you the process of making your very own corn husk doll for you to take … Read more