Your donation supports Outer Banks Conservationists, and we support special places on the Outer Banks. 

Give to Outer Banks Conservationists

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Outer Banks Conservationists (OBC) owns and operates two public historic sites on the Outer Banks: Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Island Farm. We accomplish most all of our on-site maintenance on our historic buildings and structures, we conduct our own historic research that informs all educational programming, and we keep these sites open to the public each year so that they may always be enjoyed – bringing anyone who visits our sites on-board to experience Outer Banks history through innovative and hands-on educational programming. 

You can support OBC and its general operations, or you can designate your gift to one of our sites. As a friend of OBC, you will receive updates on our work, our historic sites, and upcoming events.

Buy (or gift!) a Season Pass

OBC offers something for everyone: A lighthouse, a farm, and the opportunity to have unlimited and affordable access for an entire season – March through December. Your purchase of a season pass grants you unlimited access (during business hours, of course) to both of OBC’s historic sites: the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Island Farm. We’ve got options for both individuals and families. 

Individual Pass – $50 (includes unlimited visits to both the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Island Farm for one named adult. NC sales tax included.)

Add-On – $30 – Add one person to your individual or season pass

Family Pass – $120 (includes unlimited visits to both the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Island Farm for two named adults, and three additional people/children. NC sales tax included.)


We’ve always got a project, and they’re always fun! Volunteering with Outer Banks Conservationists builds great value in your community, and we’d love to have you join us. Even better, we’ve got many different ways for you to get involved with us – from archiving special historical artifacts, painting at the Lighthouse, or heavy lifting on Island Farm.

In-Kind Donations

We don’t make it very far without the support of our community. Your gifts-in-kind make our work possible! Should you have something that you might be willing to part with, it might fit our needs. Each gift-in-kind is reviewed by our team to be sure it can be put to good use. For more information about specific items, tax deductions, or donation valuation, please contact Ladd Bayliss at, or call 252-473-5440.

Our wish list:

  1. Vehicles in good working condition: Preferably trucks to be used for heavy toting, grounds work, and trailering animals at our sites.
  2. Livestock trailer: We’ll never know when we have to move animals, or evacuate them to safer ground inland, in case of a storm.
  3. Antique Farm Equipment: We are always looking for antique farm equipment that can be used to interpret the time period of Island Farm in the 1850s. We like to farm with period-appropriate tools, including everything from wheel hoes to plows.
  4. Antique Tools/Blacksmithing Equipment: We can never have enough tools!
  5. Literature: We’re always looking to expand our library with regional, cultural, or period-appropriate literature.
  6. Historical Documents/Artifacts: Both our Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Island Farm sites are important pieces of our community. We will always accept artifacts and documents related to our Outer Banks’ history, and work to relay their importance and significance to the public.