The In Between of Farm-to-Table: Seasonal Food Preservation on Roanoke Island

Reaping What Was Sewn (and “How To” Year-Round) Subsistence farming is an existence derived from the heart of the land, both beautiful and raw. To those who carried the practice, landowners who grew crops were as much a part of the land as it was theirs to manipulate and master. Farming was that of subsistence … Read more

A Delayed Letter of Gratitude Opens New Doors in Lighthouse Research

By: Meghan Agresto, Currituck Beach Lighthouse Site Manager & Historian After its illumination in 1875, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse supplied a need “long felt by the commerce of the country” after 56 vessels had gone ashore “in a period of less than twenty-two years.”[1] The tower was considered “one of the most important works constructed … Read more